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Michelle has always led her company with honesty and integrity. She's passionate about helping others. Events and weddings are stressful but they don't need to be and she'll show you how.

The Process

The Process

Second Step

First Step

Budget Discussion

Vision & Design Discussion

Budget is one of the most important items to discuss. Design and budget are discussed hand in hand as Michelle works hard to help you understand what is realistic. She will never push or force you to spend more but she will be transparent on the expected costs based on your wants and then help guide you down the best path to keep you within your desired budget range.

Michelle needs to know exactly what you have been dreaming of for your special day. She will have you share inspiration from social media or photos from your favorite museum and artist. Michelle digs deep into everything you want visually and creates mood boards for each aspect of your day from wedding party fashions to florals and ceremony decor.

Fourth Step

Third Step

Vendor Matchmaking

Venue Search

One of the great things about hiring a wedding planner is being connected to countless highly vetted vendors. Michelle hears, sees and knows your needs, so she will create a customized list of vendors for you to review in each category. You will review (3) vendors per category to eliminate overwhelm and slowly match you with your dream vendor team.

Once design and budget are nailed down then you can begin the venue search. This is the most time consuming of the entire planning process. Your venue is going to be the essence of your entire wedding so it's imperative that this portion of planning is not rushed. You work very closely with Michelle in order to chose the perfect location for your wedding day.

Fifth Step

Sixth Step

Monthly To Do List

Week Of

Michelle creates a custom to-do breakdown for each month throughout planning. This provides you with a clear roadmap from day one through to your wedding day. She works on the to-do's with you but shares the extensive details so that you have a transparent view of what you can expect for 9, 12 or even 18 months of working together.

By the time we hit your wedding week, everything you could have ever imagined has been handled, everything is checked off the to-do list and you are now leaving the fate of your wedding day in Michelle and her team's hands; which isn't a bad thing. This is the time she asks for you to fully let go, enjoy time with family and friends knowing full well that Michelle has your best interest at heart. You are about to celebrate one of the greatest days of your entire lives!

Michelle Elaine


Our team

Chief chihuahua officer (cco)

Founder & lead planner

This cutie chihuahua came into Michelle's life just after the passing of her beloved Sprinkles, a senior Yorkie rescue. He has brought so much happiness to the office and will work for treats!

Michelle started this company in 2011 with nothing but the passion to help couples. She wanted to create incomparable services so that, under her care, no one would ever fall into the many traps throughout wedding and event planning.


What is your favorite part of planning?

Why did you become a planner?

Genuinely this was a happy accident! I always knew that I wanted to have my own business but I was never sure what it would end up being. Having graduated college during the recession I had to take any job and landed in a catering sales position. I fell in love with working with couples for their wedding. My couples actually gave me the idea to branch out and start a wedding planning business because they felt I had a natural talent and skill for the industry - and they were right!

What I love most about planning is on the day, when it's time to reveal everything we have been working on, and watching my client's faces light up in awe - that is my absolute favorite part and the reason why I continue to plan events and weddings over and over again.

Do you help clients with vendor discounts?

Are any of your prices negotiable?

I educate my clients on realistic budget expectations based on what you envision for your event. Small discounts are possible but not something to bank on for savings. I explain each budget category in deep detail so that you can follow along with the planning process stress free versus continuously questioning costs.

None of my pricing is negotiable because of my experience, skills and most importantly services that go above and beyond. Different from other planners, I don't work off of a commission base as I believe charging a standard fee allows trust to be built immediately.

Love stories planned with care

"Michelle was tireless in her enthusiasm, resourceful in changing circumstances, and thorough in her execution." Diane & Simon






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