We are a boutique, high end wedding planner service here for YOU. Michelle’s meticulous attention to detail and industry knowledge, joined with her team’s professionalism and know-how, provide a seamless experience. You’ll find Michelle’s honesty, openness and transparent approach refreshing. Her upbeat personality, genuine excitement, and attention to couples’ desires is evident from the first point of contact. Your perfect day becomes a reality under her and her team’s care and guidance.  

Michelle Elaine Weddings has been thriving for over five years, with countless raving reviews, a stunning portfolio and positive industry reputation. If you want a true, hard-working professional team who will care for your day and take your investment seriously as if it were their own wedding, you’re right where you need to be!

Services are listed below with brief descriptions; if you are interested to learn more in-depth details about any of the following please contact Michelle directly.


F U L L Planning | N I N E  &  T W E L V E Month Planning

Michelle isn’t always given a full year to plan someone’s wedding but she found that between 9 and 12 months were the estimated time frames consistently being presented by prospective clients. When you inquire for this service (or any other service) Michelle will present to you a monthly breakdown of services in order for you to see where your investment is going. To plan an entire wedding is no easy task, there are many moving parts to consider from nailing down (and sticking to) the budget, creating your event design, venue search, menu creation, hiring vendors, calligraphy and stationery design, music and more. Not only that, but Michelle also understands the strong family dynamics that occur throughout such an emotional process. As the bride, and/or the groom, you will have moments of doubt and fear because there is just so much added pressure put onto this one day. What you will learn about Michelle, as the process begins and throughout your time with her, is that she never stops until you have what you need, she’ll never give up no matter how hard any part of the process may seem (to you) and she will always be your positive and calming force to help keep everything together; more importantly stress free. Michelle says “I’m not just your wedding planner, we become friends. I also become your therapist, it’s quite the journey & you want to be sure that you have the right wedding planner in your corner to be able to handle it all!”

*Pricing varies depending on your location & details; please inquire directly for your custom quote.

P A R T I A L Planning | S I X Month Planning

Through the years, Michelle has found that many couples would get engaged, book their venue, send out save the dates and then just sort of go back to regular life assuming their wedding would somehow work itself out. When they’d realized that time was flying and nothing else had been done, they’d reach out to Michelle with six months left and a lot of work still to do! Recognizing this consistent pattern, she decided to create a six month planning package, which is best understood as Partial Planning. Now, if you so happen to fall somewhere in between nine and six months or even more, no need to worry, ALL of Michelle’s planning services are custom to each couple! So what exactly does partial planning entail? Simply put, it’s a step down from full planning. You may have done some of the legwork but you have a lot more left in front of you! Michelle will review all of what you have done thus far and put together a comprehensible plan of action to get you through the remainder of the process smoothly and productively.

*Pricing varies depending on your location & details; please inquire directly for your custom quote.


In addition to being one of New York’s most sought out wedding planners, did you know that Michelle is also a NASM certified personal trainer and avid marathon runner?! She takes wedding planning to a whole new level that no other planner can go! Not only can she plan the wedding of your dreams but she can personally train you to make sure that you look and feel amazing too!

You don’t have to be a bride to hire Michelle for this service, you could just simply be looking to get yourself into better shape and on the right fitness path! Please contact Michelle directly so that she may find out more about your fitness goals and how she can help you crush them!


Michelle doesn’t just stop at weddings (or fitness!) . . . If you are planning a lavish, rooftop birthday party in Manhattan, or an elegant, private dinner on the beach in the Hamptons, she can still pull out all the stops for you! As many clients have said “If Michelle can plan, design and run my wedding, I think she can handle just about anything!”

photographer : trent bailey studio