s t r e t c hWhy Pre + Post Work Out Stretching IS Necessary!

s t r e t c h
Typically, before a run, I will need (at least) 15. min. beforehand to stretch and I always take even longer after (depending on the mileage of course!) Whereas many people find stretching to be a waste of time; which is just crazy! There is definitely a clear difference between warming up + cooling down the body, versus not at all. Stretching is like the pre-wa[...]

Time For Lunch?3 Of My Fave Recipes For Delicious & Healthy Smoothies!

Time For Lunch?
I find myself time and again skipping lunch because I simply lost track of time or worse, I keep pushing through my work to get it all done and then realize it's almost dinner time. As a business owner, the daily struggles of work/life balance are tough and I'm not saying smoothies will fix it, at all, BUT these three recipes are favorites of mine that are QUICK, EASY[...]