Say Yes To The Dress | Your Questions, My Answers

cover photo : mikkel paige

It will be 3 years in August since the very first time I filmed with the Halfyard Productions team for Say Yes To The Dress – where does the time go?! The episodes repeat so often that I am still emailed on a regular basis with a lot of the same questions and thought maybe I should do a little Q & A of those questions here for you all!

Q : How did you get picked for the show? Are you just best friends with Randy because you’re a wedding planner and so he brought you on?

A : I WISH that Randy was my best friend, are you kidding me! My intern Sara, over that summer, was the one who gave me the idea to write in. We went to the Kleinfeld website together and saw a tab to click if you wanted to ‘submit your story for SYTTD’. It was a very simple 20 questions ranging from “how did you meet” to “what do you both do for a living.” We had to submit photos at the end and just click send! I was emailed in less than 24 hours to interview and was already on their schedule to film a few weeks later, it was insane.

PS – My grandma actually believes that Randy and I chat on a regular basis and if I’m ever having business issues she always says “well just call Randy, he’s so great, he’ll know how to help you!” Oh grandma, you gotta love her! 

Q : How many dresses did you try on? Is it always just 3 or are they only showing viewers 3 and you really tried on more?

A : For me personally, I did only try on 3 dresses and that 3rd dress ended up being “the one!” Perhaps if I had not said “yes!” they may have tried more. They do not limit you to 3 dresses whatsoever, there were several in my dressing room that I just never got to!

Q (this I probably get more than anything!) : If you say yes to the dress, is it free?

A : You do get a discount for being on the show, so at least you get something, but you do not get a free dress (although that would be awesome!)

Q : What was the overall experience like? Do they try and create drama or arguments between you and your family?

A : If you are giving them nothing to work with they will ask questions and get certain conversations started; their job is to create an entertaining show after all! However, they are not specifically saying to argue with your mom, sister, etc. I actually asked production while I was filming if a lot of the wild/crazy drama is really real or if some of it is staged and they told me “oh that’s real!” For me personally, the day was very natural and normal, I dress shopped with my family and had the most magical time, truthfully the only difference was there was a camera crew! My family acted as themselves and it was enough entertainment for all of us!!

Q : Did your business see any success specifically from being on the show?

A : Not really, I gained more “fans” and new social media followers over anything. I certainly wasn’t expecting my email to go crazy just because I was on the show! I did it of course for the exposure of my business and overall for the awesome experience it ended up being!

Q : If you could go back would you do it all over again?

A : The dress shopping fun at Kleinfeld with Randy I would do 100x over, that was one of my favorite experiences throughout my entire wedding planning process. My wedding day episode I would do an endless amount of times over if it meant I get to just keep marrying John!

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*If you have more questions or are curious to learn more about being on the show feel free to email me : weddings@michelle-elaine.com