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Hi Everyone and Happy Fit Friday!!!

For the longest time people have always asked me – what do you eat, what snacks do you have, what brands do you purchase . . . and the list goes on and on!

Well, I am going to share with you today my very own grocery list. Literally the staples that I buy every single week!

So here goes:

Of course if I run out of anything as the week progresses, I just “re-stock” my kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‰

(4) avocados

(2) small boxes of Cherub tomatoes

(2) cucumbers

(6) apples – *I’ve been on a granny smith apple + peanut butter kick lately!

(1) bunch of bananas – *I cut and freeze most of the bunch, and use for smoothies throughout the week. Then the others I save to eat whenever I don’t want a smoothie!

(2) packs of strawberries – *Same as the bananas, I will freeze one pack for smoothies and leave the other for a snack with yogurt & granola!

(2) pack of blueberries – *Same again, freeze one and not the other!

(1) bag of kale – *I will use half for making kale chips and the other half as greens for my smoothies!

(5) sweet potatoes

(1) box of cashews + (1) box of almonds – *I buy roasted, unsalted and always natural from the store’s market.

(2) bags of granola – *I prefer Nature’s Path Love Crunch, apple crumble; great in yogurt, for breakfast, or eaten alone as a quick snack!

(1) pack of organic eggs – *I buy Pete & Gerry’s

(5) yogurts – *I buy Siggi’s plain and mix it into my smoothies so that I get protein, but I also buy Siggi’s vanilla if I want to actually eat the yogurt with fruit and granola . . . the plain is DEFINITELY hard to just eat on it’s own!

(1) loaf of bread + (1) pack of bagels *I buy Dave’s Killer Bread, they have a cool story, you should check them out!

(1) jar of peanut butter – *I buy Brad’s Organic

(1) Quaker Oatsย – *I don’t buy anything pre-made, just the plain old fashioned oats!

(1) carton of soy milk – *I buy Silk

(4) packs of organic chicken to slow cook & have for the week – *I’ve been buying air chilled, and there does seem to be a difference!

(4) boxes of pasta . . . I don’t think it would be possible for me to not eat pasta, especially as a runner! But I check the ingredients and have switched to a new brand with just whole wheat flour, semolina flour and eggs

(1) box of brown rice

And believe me, I do shopping throughout the week for more dinners and lunches, but the above are my solid basics that I always make sure we have in the kitchen!

Always stock your kitchen and fridge with clean and fresh foods. Yes, if you get a craving, I always say to go ahead and fulfill that craving, just do it within reason. You shouldn’t be “fulfilling cravings” one or two times a week! Every so often is fine ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, I am NOT a nutritionist and you may need other items from the food store to fulfill the nutrients that your body needs. This is more to just let you see what I buy and eat regularly. However, if your daily diet consists of mostly pre-made foods and meals, then consider following my grocery list for a week or so and enjoy the healthy changes your body will feel!

Next time, I’ll share some fun and easy recipes based off of my list!

Have a great weekend and like I always say to my clients . . . make good food and drink choices ๐Ÿ˜‰

OXO – Michelle Elaineย 

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