Suns Out, Guns OutGet Ready For Spring!

When the temps begin to rise, the sun is shining, and summer dresses+ spaghetti strap blouses are ready to make their debut you want to be ready!

I am constantly asked “what do you do to get your arms SO toned?!” Well let me just tell you . . .

(1) Every single morning or evening (in case there is no time in the morning!) I will do 3-sets of 10 push ups. It doesn’t matter if I’m on vacation . . . my husband and I did push ups on our honeymoon! You have to do them!

(2) I religiously take a body toning bootcamp class twice a week and below are some of the moves that we do (some with 5lb. weights)

*wide bicep curl (for a greater challenge use resistance bands like in the linked video!)

*tricep kick back

*shoulder press

*tricep dips

*hammer curl

*tricep extension

Try doing these at home (with weights!) 4-sets of 12 each with a 30 second break in between each set!

(3) I also work out with my husband doing heavier weight training with his help 🙂 Below are some of the exercises we do together that you can try out with your S.O. or grab a friend!

*side dumbbell lateral raise (with 10 – 15lb. dumbbells)

*bench press (with the barbell & no more than 5 lb. plates on either side – or whatever you can handle! – since the bar itself is already about 40-45lbs.)

*incline dumbbell fly (with 10 – 15lb. dumbbells)

*upright row (with a 25lb. plate)

*concentration curls (with 10 – 15lb. dumbbells)

*pull ups (these are tougher than they sound – use the pull up/dip assist machine at your gym to get started!)

Don’t push yourself to lift weights in these exercises that you cannot handle! Form is the #1 goal, so once you have your form down, even if you have to do these without weights to get that down, do that first. Once your form is perfected then you can add weight from there and increase weight as you build up strength & muscle.

(4) Everyone hates this but I do a lot of C A R D I O 🙂 Running is my absolute favorite thing to do when I need to really de-stress! It also shreds those muscles even further and gives you an overall toned look.

Happy Weekend OXO!

PHOTOGRAPHY Mikkel Paige | HAIR Styles on B | MAKE UP Victoria Elizabeth | FLORALS Petals and Roots | TRAY Little Vintage Rentals | NECKLACE Catherine Angiel