Fun Facts . . .about michelle elaine

So my amazing summer intern Andrew had suggested that I share some more of my personal life with everyone and came up with “Michelle Monday” – which I LOVE, of course ūüôā

To be honest, most¬†of my personal life has a lot to do with fitness and health! If I’m not planning weddings, or training clients, I am running in central park, or going to the gym with John! So to make this interesting and fun for those of you reading, here are 10 fun-facts about me that perhaps you already know or will be surprised by:

1: I am running the NYC Marathon for my 3rd time this November.

2: John and I first met in our high school chorus class in 2001; I was 15 & he was 16.

3: I went to the MTV Beach house in 2003. I volunteered for TRL and was on TV for about 10 seconds talking about how much I love Justin Timberlake!

4: The first concert I ever went to was Aerosmith at Jones Beach when I was 13; my mom is a huge Steven Tyler fan!

5: I was on Say Yes To The Dress, twice . . . although I’m pretty sure everyone knows that!

6: I have a degree in fashion from LIM College in Manhattan.

7: Guilty pleasure – watching old re-runs of Jersey Shore . . . don’t judge me!

8: My biggest “cheat” snack is always a doughnut . . . or french fries, yum!

9: Elaine is my legal middle name, a lot of people think it’s: a 2nd person in my company, a made up name, or my last name.

10: I was raised on Eastern Long Island in a small town called Selden, until I moved to the city for college in 2007. Although it’s been 10 years so technically now I’m a NY’er ūüėČ

I hope that you learned something new today and I look forward to sharing more!!

Have a wonderful week!

OXO, Michelle

PHOTOGRAPHY Jenna & Eddy| MAKE UP Victoria Elizabeth| LOCATION West Village, NYC