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s t r e t c hWhy Pre + Post Work Out Stretching IS Necessary!

s t r e t c h
Typically, before a run, I will need (at least) 15. min. beforehand to stretch and I always take even longer after (depending on the mileage of course!) Whereas many people find stretching to be a waste of time; which is just crazy! There is definitely a clear difference between warming up + cooling down the body, versus not at all. Stretching is like the pre-wa[...]

New Year, New You?5 Tips To Help You Crush Your 2017 Health & Fitness Goals

New Year, New You?
It's a N E W  Y E A R so everyone is on the "new year, new me!" kick right now, which is great! But, let me share some tips so that you can stick with it! 1 : It's January, so if you are living in New York right now then you are cold! This is the perfect 'stay inside and snuggle' weather so you will need some more motivation during this time of year! I feel the bes[...]